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Therapy Alliance is a family of therapists and counselors in Salt Lake City, committed to the mental health and well-being of each and every patient.

At Therapy Alliance, we strive to develop a therapeutic relationship with our patients, built on trust and empathy. We’ll equip our patients with skills for managing unhealthy thoughts and feelings and use evidence-based solutions to calm the body, heal the mind, and enable our patients to move forward in life with confidence and hope in the future. In-office and / or Telehealth options available 


Candace Curzon

owner, LCSW

Candace provides effective mind-body therapies that allow for a holistic approach to healing. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, illness, or relationship struggles, her goal is to inspire confidence and clarity so that the issues you are facing are manageable. She helps you identify the underlying causes of your discomfort and distress and assists you in moving forward with a life of positivity and strength. She incorporates CBT, EMDR and mindfulness skills to help clients regulate their lives and create lasting, positive change.

Candace graduated from the University of Utah in 2012. She worked at University Neuropsychiatric Institute and LDS Hospital before she opened her own practice, Ally Counseling, in 2016, which is now Therapy Alliance. She opened Ketamine Therapy at Therapeutic Alternatives in 2019, where she offers ketamine assisted psychotherapy. 


Ali Aspen

Healing & Life Transformation Coach

Ali is passionate about partnering with clients to reclaim their power, reconnect to their true selves and help them thrive from the inside out.

She believes that every person is whole, complete and enough. Yet many of us doubt this. Our internal programming is out of alignment with this message. Often we go about the world feeling disconnected, stuck or like there’s something wrong with us. There’s not.

As a certified trauma-informed coach and yoga instructor, Ali senses when unaligned messages, past beliefs and patterns show up as roadblocks on the path to creating a meaningful life.
Ali is passionate about holding safe space to compassionately face and uproot these messages. She’ll help you find clarity in who you want to be and partner with you to create approachable and sustainable actions to get you there. You’ll explore values alignment, boundaries, coping and communication skills plus more.
Ali will work right alongside you as an advocate, cheerleader, accountability partner and coach as you reconnect, reclaim and thrive toward the life you desire.

She has over fifteen years experience as an allied health and wellness professional- educating and easing clients toward better self-care and out of anxiety, seven years of facilitating yoga and mindfulness, and two plus years of coaching. She is a graduate of Tara Mohr’s Playing Big Facilitators Program. She holds certifications in trauma-informed yoga and embodied social justice education. She specializes in working with clients navigating transitions in relationship to self, self identity, faith, career, values alignment, and life fulfillment.

Bernadette Moverley

Marissa Leaf


The Ketamine Therapy Dog

In-Office or Telehealth therapy

Therapy Alliance offers a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for our patients. Our goal is to create a space where you feel safe and secure so healing can take place. Therapy Alliance is conveniently located in downtown Salt Lake City. ADD directions to getting there, where to park. We also offer Telehealth options for those who prefer an at-home and convenient approach to healing.

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